Feeding the ducks

Last week was an open night at Caitlin’s new school which we all went to.  Caitlin got to meet her other teacher (she only works Monday and Tuesday so wasn’t there on Caitlin’s trial day) which was good.  I also got to talk to the school cook about Caitlin going on school dinners and she was great, came up with lots of alternatives to the milky meals they have.

Our weekend was very boring, it rained a lot so we stayed in mostly and just played, coloured and made some necklaces!

Today the weather picked up so we went to the park to feed the ducks…

Noah walked the whole way there which is about 2 miles but could only make it about half way home before he started moaning too much and so I let him get in the pram!  Austin played on the swings as usual, then fell asleep!!

In the afternoon I finally sorted out some swimming lessons for Caitlin and Noah!!  Caitlin has had her name on the waiting list for a while now but a friend told me about some intensive courses they run over the holidays so I have booked them both in.  Hopefully they will both learn a bit and will be more confident for our holiday (if we ever make a decision where to go and book it!!)


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  1. It’s been ages since we’ve been to feed the ducks. Looking forward to hearing about the swimming lessons- they’re going to love it!

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