Walk walk walk!!!!!

Today we went to the park.  Since Richard was available for the school pick up I decided it would be nice to walk to the park.  I think I slightly under-estimated how far away the park was.  I forgot to put the back seat on the pram so Noah walked there…which was ok….  We then played on the swings and round about.  The sun then went behind some clouds and so it went a bit cold so we went for a drink followed by some rolling down hills!!

…and some tree climbing….

…and just watching for Austin….

When we’d played for almost 4 hours we set off on our walk home!!!!  Linda looked up our route as we wondered if there was a shorter way than I had come.  It showed the way we had walked was 1.8 miles!!!  There was a 1.4 mile route but I couldn’t figure out where it went so figured it would be easier not to get lost and look it up on a big screen at home, so we set off on our 1.8 mile journey home.  Noah made it about half way before deciding he really had had enough of walking and decided to cry for the second half which wasn’t fun!!!!!!!!  Next time I’ll definitely be taking the back seat and the shorter route!!!!!!!!


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  1. as I was driving away I thought about offering you a life but then didn’t! LOL aren’t I awful?!?!?!! Great photo of the two of them ‘rolling’

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