Noah’s induction day

Today was Noah’s induction afternoon at school.  In the morning when we dropped Caitlin off Noah managed to crash into Caitlin in the playground.  Caitlin had gloves on and put her hands out so she was fine.  Noah didn’t seem to bother putting his hands out so he now has a big graze/lump on his head!!!!

His induction went well.  He already knows everyone and his way around so really it was just a formality.  He played with Caitlin and her friend, went in the light sensory room and drew some pictures.  He also had stir fry for his snack…..  He can’t wait to go properly after Easter!!!!



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2 responses to “Noah’s induction day

  1. Oops! Glad it went well.

  2. stir fry for snack- very posh!

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