Playgroup, a grumpy Austin and a dented Elvis!

This week has been rainy and Richard has been plastering the kitchen so we’ve been to playgroups every day to get out of the way.  Austin has been teething and so screamed for most of Tuesdays playgroup, some of Wednesday’s but thankfully none of todays!!!

On the way to playgroup this morning a flat-bed lorry decided to reverse into us!!!!  This is the second time this year I have watched someone drive into Elvis!!!!!!!!  First time some old bloke just drove straight into him while I watched from the pavement – luckily no damage as Elvis’s tow bar saved the day!  This time we were stopped at traffic lights and the flatbed just reversed straight back into us shoving us backwards!!  Still fairly luckily he just has a dented bumper and the guy said he will get me a new one (even though mine was a bit rusty!!)  Let’s hope these things don’t happen in 3’s since the damage is getting worse each time……

This afternoon was Noah’s last visit to a playgroup he has been going to since he was 1 week old…..  I’ll probably still go with Austin as it is in Caitlin (and Noah’s) school so handy for pick up!!


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  1. glad you’re all OK and if you get a new bumper out of the deal that’ll be good.

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