A few questions…

I’ve seen this done on a few blogs and since we are having a quiet day while Richard sands the edges of the floors and before the chaos of the coming week I thought I would ask Caitlin and Noah a few questions (the first 3 of which I pinched……)

What makes you sad?
C – People hurting me
N – People hurting me

What did you used to be scared of but aren’t anymore?
C – Bears
N – A bear

Ok…Noah is just going to repeat Caitlin so I have sent him away while I ask separately!!

If you had a mini zoo, what animals would you keep in it?
C – Bears and Zebras
N – A sheep

Who is your best friend?
C – Abigail, Katie and Squidge
N – some boys

When you grow up, what do you want to be?
C – a tooth fairy
N – a mini

What is your favourite food?
C – sausage and mash
N – carrots and peas

What is your favourite toy?
C – a train that’s got a pig on…
N – a car and a mini and mini racing

Who is your favourite Elvis or Gan?
C – Gan
N – Elvis

What type of car are you going to have when you grow up?
C – I might have one with one seat at the back
N – Elvis…. (me – I don’t think so!!!!!!) Oh I’ll have loads of minis all for my birthday…

What will be the best thing about moving into the new house?
C – my new slide bed
N – Elvis…(uh oh I seem to have got his mind stuck on Elvis!!)

Hmmm Noah really is obsessed with mini’s!!!  We’re doing a good job on the brain washing front lol!!



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2 responses to “A few questions…

  1. good job with Noah brain washing
    just need to finish of the brain washing on Caitlin see you all at the club xx

  2. Mancais

    Made me lauh with the answers.

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