Church doesn’t agree with us….

Every time I go to church one of them completely embarrasses me!!!!!!  This morning we went along and within about 30 seconds the organ started up… So Caitlin says why is there music playing?  So I replied…they just play music in church so that you can sing along….  Caitlin had a little think about this and then replied in a nice loud clear voice… “that’s why I wore my music knickers” and promptly pulled her jeans down a bit so I could see the music knickers!!!!!!!!  Great hey??!!!

I just hope they don’t embarrass us next Sunday at Austins Christening!!!!!!!!!!!

Apart from that we’ve had a fairly boring week and weekend.  Its been quite nice to have a quiet week actually, just plodding about with no appointments to keep to.  Over the weekend we have been busy sanding the floors in the new house as we have to move in in about 8 weeks….  A tight deadline but it’ll be a relief to finally be in!



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