Happy birthday!!!!!!!

Today is Caitlin’s 4th birthday!!!  I can not believe she is 4!!  She has narrowly missed going to school by 1.5 hours so she’s still in pre-school for the next year…  We started the celebrations by going for a pub lunch with Nanny, Grandad and Amy.  We went to mini club pub so she got special treatment in her dessert…..


….not too sure she was overly impressed until they had blown themselves out!!!  After lunch we came home for presents!  Caitlin was really good and shared all of her presents with Noah he opened half and she opened the rest!


Even once they were open she shared them….with Austin wearing her new Lelli Kellys….


…the Lelli Kellys came with free make up…oh joy!!!!!!!!!  Noah couldn’t wait to stick his fingers in a make a mess!!!!!!!


Really I should have stopped him but I’m not sure of make up for kids so the sooner it’s gone the better!!!  After Nanny, Grandad and Amy had gone it was time to get ready for her very small party!  Most of her friends are on holiday so it was a very quiet party with no games but they all seemed to have fun just playing.


After everyone had gone and before it was time to get ready for bed I decided to tie a helium balloon to each of Austin’s arms and legs!! He seemed to really like the fact they bobbed about when he moved (even if it did look slightly cruel lol)….




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3 responses to “Happy birthday!!!!!!!

  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed all your pressies!! Squidge was soo excited about giving Caitlin the Winnie books so I hope she enjoys them.

  2. Teddy

    Happy birthday from Cambridge. I love the balloon photo. So cute. xx

  3. Mancais

    Belated Happy Birthday x
    Looks like a good time.

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