The birthday celebrations have started!!!

Next week is Caitlin’s birthday and as its the holiday season quite a few people can’t make her proper party so we went out for lunch today!

We had to get the bus there as Elvis has failed his MOT so until his spare parts arrive I’m carless!  As I’d forgotten to take the pram out of the boot Louise came to collect Austin in his car seat so that he had somewhere to sit during lunch!  I then took Lucy on the bus which was highly amusing!  She doesn’t get to go on the bus much and found the whole thing very exciting!


After we’d eaten we went outside to play and open her present!!


It was a playmobil camper van with a million tiny pieces…they both love it!!!!!!

After we got home I went through some more of Austin’s outgrown clothes and we tried the Christmas outfit on him…  Then of course Caitlin and Noah wanted a try…see Noah aged 2.5 for the Christmas outfit!!  Then he tried a t-shirt that Noah had on aged 1….


….and surprise, surprise…Caitlin is still in her version!!!!!!


…it just looks like her hair is longer!!!!!!!!!

And here Austin is in a 6-9 month sleepsuit!!!!!!


…hmmm they also aren’t going to last too long!!!!!!!!!!!



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2 responses to “The birthday celebrations have started!!!

  1. OMG that pic of Noah!! He looks like a such a baby, I don’t remember him like that at all!! He’s such a strong minded boy that I can’t remember him when we wasn’t going at a hundred miles an hour!!

  2. The photos are brilliant – really made me smile.

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