Noah aged 2 and a half!

Well I’m almost a week late with this now and so if I don’t throw something together soon he’ll be 3!!!!!!  Last Saturday Noah was 2 and a half!!  He seems so old since Austin has been born…  He adores Caitlin and copies EVERYTHING she does both good and bad!!!  He idolises her, repeats almost every sentence she speaks unless he is distracted by something big!  This has meant his speech is fantastic, he can say a lot more at this age than Caitlin could even though her speech is good.  He can count to 20 quite reliably, knows a lot of letters and has a good go at over writing his name.  All of this is through copying Caitlin!  Sometimes I think he has missed a year of his life…  Since he became aware of Caitlin he has strived to do what she does and this has meant he has learnt things a lot quicker than he would have done.  He has missed loads of toys that would have been appropriate for his age and skipped straight to the ones that are a year ahead of him…the ones that Caitlin is up to!  As Caitlin is a bit shy and reserved she is quite happy to have someone to help her with things and I think Noah has made her more confident…they always get mistaken for twins and in a lot of ways they act like twins!  I just hope this doesn’t mean Austin will be left out.

I need to measure and weigh him for the record!

His favourite food is still bananas and he would happily eat just those if I let him!  He’s not a fussy eater but he is picky..he has a tiny appetite and so picks at what I give him.  He isn’t as keen on spiky (spicy) food as Caitlin, but in true copy cat style he tries to eat it…very funny to watch!

He is desperate to go to school and regularly sneaks into Caitlin’s class while I’m not watching!  He can’t quite hop yet but tries!  The only thing he doesn’t agree with Caitlin on is his favourite colour…his is blue whereas hers is pink!  But I think he says his is blue because Caitlin told him that is what colour boys like!!!!!!!!

Noah is unbelievably cheeky!! He is full of character and most of his photo’s show that!!  He is very inquisitiveand can not help himself but to touch everything…often knocking it over or breaking it as he tests how far it moves!  But if you tell him off or make him get in the pram after knocking a display over he just does it…no tantrums or even tears!  That doesn’t of course stop him doing it again!!  I love the fact he is full of character, he makes me laugh a lot.  He runs away a lot but generally if I say to stop at a certain object he does.  He loves other kids, especially ones who are younger than him and he often goes up to them and talks or plays with them, and if he sees a baby he HAS to go over and touch them although he is really gentle with them.

Here he is today dressed in the Father Christmas outfit he wore 2 years ago…just look at that face!!! 


…and again 2 years ago!!  He has slimmed out alot!!!

2007-11-22 11-09-36DSCN8010_6by4



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2 responses to “Noah aged 2 and a half!

  1. Enjoyed reading this.
    Did you use the bottom photo on Xmas cards? I love it.

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