Urbis and stinky feet!

Today we have been to URBIS but I have to say it wasn’t as good as it normally is….  Usually there is something for the kids to do just something simple like colouring  or dressing up…  There was just an art display on the top floor and a New York display on floor 2.  Both were ok but once you’d looked you were done!  The first floor had a video game display but it wasn’t free so we passed!!  On the ground floor there was a play area which they seemed to quite like so we just sat there watching for a while….  They did have good glove puppets though!!!


…well we were impressed, Austin barely noticed them!  He did notice Noah snuggling up to him though!!!!


After tea I went out to a market research thing…I got paid £55 to talk about stinky feet for 2 hours…easy money!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And £55 towards my Barcelona spending money!!  I now have £135 as I earned £80 last month for taking part in a “kids books blog” job….  The people organising that one have no idea what a blog is cos we basically had to answer their questions on a FORUM…nothing like a blog!!!!!!!!!  Oh and it had nowt to do with kids books either…it was about kids characters….well I suppose they could be in a book but it was about the character rather than books about the character……..  But hey for £80 to go on a forum once a day for a week that was super easy money!!!!



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3 responses to “Urbis and stinky feet!

  1. What a let down URBIS was today- I think the kids enjoyed it though. I LOVE those hand puppets and need to find some of my very own. They’re lucky I didn’t accidentally on purpose drop them in my handbag. Here’s the link to the mums and dads mag- it has loads of activities- maybe we can do Whitworth on Tuesdayhttp://www.mums-dads.co.uk/events.html

  2. £55 for talking about feet? Can I come with you next time?

  3. Ha ha…its great isn’t it!! I’m registered with SAROS and also Julie Fuller…get registered its brilliant!!! I’ve done stinky feet, kids books, biscuits, the NHS….

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