A party…and dead bodies!!!!

Today we’ve been off to a party!!  Caitlin and Noah do love going to parties….  Noah especially loves the cake and candles!!!!  As you can see in this picture someone had mentioned cake and he got all excited!!!!


As usual there was pass the parcel although the ribbon on the first layer threw Noah….


…the birthday girls Mum doesn’t usually go all out with ribbon etc but they had been on holiday so she was having a minimal effort party and had bought her pass the parcel all ready wrapped and boxed!!!!!!

After bed time we got a visit from the police!!!  Apparently someone in our neighbourhood has gone missing and is on quite hefty medication so they are carrying out door to door searches of gardens incase he has collapsed and died…..  On viewing our garage Richard said you could easily lose a body in there to which the policeman just laughed….  Hmmm guess we are now on their “lunatic list”.  Probably not on the “murdered a local old man type lunatic list” …just the “general lunatic list”!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway luckily he hasn’t chosen our garden to collapse in…hope they find him alive and well somewhere..but not in our garage please!!!!!!



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2 responses to “A party…and dead bodies!!!!

  1. Mmmmmmmmm ….. caaaaaake.
    Hope they find the missing man.

  2. Oh I hope they find the poor person. Pass the parcel AArGH!! LOL I just find that game so stressful but at least Es is getting to the age where she understands.

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