Fun at the park

Every year our local park has a fun day, its never anything too exciting but its enough for young kids so we went along (Austin in the sling!!)  There was a giant inflatable slide which was a bargain 25p for 3 goes….  I didn’t think Caitlin would be brave enough but she was and she loved it!!


There were also a few free crafty stalls so Caitlin and Noah both made a little paper bag (as in shoulder bag type thing!) which they decorated, they were going to decorate a bird table but they had run out.  Then there was a big circus tent with dancing lessons going on inside….  Noah had a fantastic time doing all the moves with them….


He then learnt to spin a plate….


Caitlin refused to do either of those and so she sat with me and Austin.  Then the dancing man was running bongo lessons…so being like a magnet to noise Noah was off like a shot!!!!  After a while Caitlin also joined in….



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  1. Looks like they had a fun time. I’d have come along if I’d known so I could have a go on the slide.

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