Sitting at the waterfall

This morning we met Squidge at Abney Hall, well when I say we – one person was missing…Noah!!!  He keeps completely ignoring us and one thing he keeps doing is messing with the chairs and either injuring himself or Caitlin!!  So this morning after a million warnings for various things…shouting at 6am….more shouting at 7….being rough with toys…etc etc when he trapped Caitlin in the chairs I decided he couldn’t come out to play with us!! 

At Abney there is a lovely waterfall and I tried to get a photo of Caitlin and Austin by it but as usual my camera wasn’t playing ball….


…its not toooo bad but could be better!

After playing by the waterfall Caitlin and Squidge played with some bubbles and ran around like lunatics in the grass.  Meanwhile I tested Austin’s sitting abilities….  I was actually joking when I first tried to get him to sit but he has surprisingly good sitting skills already!  Obviously he is no where near able to sit properly but he did manage to balance upright for a good 10 or 20 seconds!!!  And here he is as caught on “film” by Linda…while I was busy being amazed and waiting to catch!!!


He seemed to enjoy the park and loved watching Caitlin and Squidge blowing bubbles even if sometimes they were blowing them all over him!


Apparently it was torrential rain 2 miles away but we were quite lucky with the weather!  The only thing that ruined our picnic was a rogue dog, who’s owner was completely irresponsible….well no where to be seen really!  The dog came over to us and was jumping all over us..Austin included!  Linda saved us, but she couldn’t save us from him shaking waterfall water all over us and our picnic…yuk!!!!!!!

After school Squidge came over for tea which was good and we played outside on the bikes and played some games.  Hopefully she got a photo of my sling so I can blog about it!  I haven’t been able to get a pic myself!


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  1. mancais

    I love the top photo. The look on Autin’s face is a picture!
    I added you on Twitter as it looks like you’re using it now.

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