Slings away!!!!!!

I decided I needed a sling/baby carrier to get Austin from the car to the school pick up and back….  I had a baby carrier which I bought when Caitlin was born, just a cheap conventional carrier.  I didn’t want to spend a lot in case I didn’t like it!!  And I didn’t!!  I barely used it at all but never got around to giving it away.  I tried it again with Austin and just between the car and school which is not far it dug into my neck and gave me shoulder and back ache.  Another blog I read (synchronization of us) uses slings all the time to I had a look at hers and she advised me to go to a baby fair and try some out…so I did!  I found one I quite like but Austin seemed to sink right into it and vanish!  So then I went to Mothercare and tried some, I tried a more expensive baby carrier in case mine wasn’t comfy because it was cheap but within seconds I could tell it was the same.  I finally decided on a fabric one which felt really comfy, but when I got it home I realised it was just 2 pieces of fabric crossed and sewn at the back and it was £60!!!!!!!!  So off I went and bought some fabric for £3.50 and half an hour later I had this…..


It is so comfortable, I have even walked to the shops with him in it and it didn’t cut into me like the others and didn’t give me back ache at all!!  I am so pleased with it.  The original has rings to join the front and back at the waist and I couldn’t find any so I just tied mine and it seems plenty strong enough and is comfy.  Whilst wearing it I have had loads of comments on how comfortable it looks and a few people ask where I got it!!!! 


So I’m very impressed and Austin is nice and cosy..oh and I have my hands free on the school run!!  Although his head is sticking out it can be tucked in to protect him from our frequent rain or if he is asleep, but he seems to prefer being stuck out and he’s got a really strong head so I think he’s ok.

Thank you to Linda for taking my picture and leaving me out…(I did ask to be left out by the way!!)  And thank you to Laura for the sling advice it was very good.



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2 responses to “Slings away!!!!!!

  1. This is a bit weird as I was reading about slings just the other day and thought they were pretty expensive for what they were. Then I came across instructions of how to make them.
    Today I’ve visited here and you’ve made one. Spooky!

  2. He looks so cute in it, they just make life so much easier. Good on you for making your own , looks very much like a wrap one . I love those

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