While the kids were sleeping….

…I have been working on these!!!!!!!  It has only taken me 7 weeks (the first week I couldn’t get started because poor Austin was still Kip!!!!!!!) 


I made some for my niece and I was really pleased with how they turned out so I really wanted to make some for number 3!  I’d picked out some “boy” colours before he was born so that I had girl and boy fabrics to use.  I don’t think the fabrics work quite as well on these as they did on the girls version….but then again the choice of boyish fabric is pretty limited.


I’m still quite pleased with how they worked….  And Caitlin and Noah are loving spelling his name with them…. If they weren’t so time consuming I’d make Caitlin some since she’s into spelling…..  Maybe if I’m bored and I’ve finished my extremely long list of things I’d like to make which will be never….


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  1. mancais

    They’re great

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