So long!!

Austin is so long…he is rapidly growing out of his clothes!!  Yesterday I put him in these 0-3 month dungarees and I had to pull them to do the buttons up….


…and look at how short they are on him his feet stick out of the legs loads!!!  And today I put him in a 0-3 month t-shirt but again the arms were way too short!!!!!!!  How can he be outgrowing the 0-3 stuff already!!

Today was also his first trip to the play group at Caitlin’s school….he slept the entire time but everyone enjoyed seeing him!  Afterwards we went for tea at Ed and Lucy’s and Lucy spent ages cuddling him.  While we were busy supervising that Ed managed to switch their jacuzzi on and the bubbles were overflowing by the time Louise got there!!!

Once we were home it was feeding time for Austin and just after he finished he decided to throw the whole lot up…first time he has been sick and guess where he did it…yep…ALL over me!!!!!  I don’t know how they do it…all three of them always puke on me..never Richard….

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  1. Hey he better not grow too fast I have some 3-6 months for him and I don’t want him to grow out of them before he even receives them!! LOL on Ed and the bubbles.

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