Loud and clear!!

Today was Austin’s hearing test and he passed – his hearing is clear in both ears!!  I was fairly sure his hearing was ok since he jumps a mile every time I cough!!  Caitlin and Noah were fascinated by the whole process!

We then rushed home to tidy up ready for a viewing…and we waited and waited….no sign of any viewers….  So I called and guess what it was in the diary but crossed out!!!!!  Nice of them to let us know it had been cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so going to hand our notice in!! They even know we have a new born baby so you’d think they would definitely let us know of any cancellations!!!!  We do have another viewer on Sunday so it isn’t totally wasted..but it is so annoying especially since we have to rearrange rooms every time we have a viewer!!!!!!!!

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  1. Teddy

    How rude not to let you know. xx

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