Swim swim swim

This morning Caitlin and Richard headed off swimming.   He is on paternity leave this week and so today was having a day off from the house to spend with Caitlin and Noah….  One problem was neither of us had checked the swimming timetable and it wasn’t open…Caitlin was very upset and only just consoled by the promise of swimming after school!

Me, Noah and Austin waited in for the midwife to come and discharge us….but I had planned to go out for lunch…she made it just as I was about to give up and go out!   It was the midwife who had been their when Austin was born and she discharged but seemed really sad to say goodbye which was quite nice.  She is the one I had seen a few times during my appointments so it was nice to get to say goodbye.  She weighed Austin and the little greedy guts is now 9lb 11oz!!!!!!  I can’t believe how much he has grown..he is fitting into his 0-3 months clothes very nicely..they also won’t last too long!!!

Once the midwife was gone me and Austin headed off to meet my old work friends for a pub lunch which was nice.  Richard then took Caitlin to school and then Noah swimming!  Noah loved swimming and swam alone with his armbands on for a good few lengths…he was very good apparently.  Once he was done they picked Caitlin up from school and Noah came home while Caitlin went swimming!  Noah played on the floor with Austin..practising lifting his head up…


Caitlin also had a great time swimming and also did some lengths on her own (with armbands!).  When she got back she fed Austin….


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