All booked in…..

…for a home birth!!  The midwife has just been for a home visit, I’m not sure if we had one of those last time..  She did my blood pressure which is normal and took my blood – which she got first time!  She was really nice, very pro home birth which is a bit unusual as most midwives I’ve seen have either been a bit against them or indifferent!  She is really into homeopathy as well and recommended what to take during labour.  I know my chances are slim but I hope she’s the one on call when I have number 3!!  Apparently the head is between 1 and 2 fifths engaged and as of pretty much now she said I am fine to pop and be allowed to stay at home!!!  She was also really positive about leaving me to it when I go into labour.  It was really nice when Noah was born as there was no-one there and it was all very relaxed, and so she said if I don’t want anyone interfering then just don’t inform them til the last minute, but she also said to not worry about calling them out for false alarms!!!

Bags are packed, towels and old duvet covers ready, and pool downstairs……..   So…. come on number 3 I’m ready!!!!!  (Richard isn’t ready but there’s a good chance he won’t be until he/she arrives so ignore him!!)



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3 responses to “All booked in…..

  1. Teddy

    How exciting. You are so brave. I wanted to be in a nice hospital with all the mod cons as I am a woose, so I admire anyone who does it at home.

    I am looking forward to seeing the new baby photo when he/she decideds to come out and play. Sending lots of love to you all. xxxxxx

  2. SCM

    Good news. I’m getting all excited for you.

  3. yay already engaging! Come on out baby iii. keeping my fingers crossed that you get a good midwife.

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