We’ve been camping!!!

….at the new house!!!!!  So civilised camping!!  People that know me will know I hate camping with a passion..I only go once a year on the Avon Park weekend!  But Caitlin and Noah were at my Mum and Dad’s last night and we were deciding where to go for tea and a drink…Richard suggested we go out near to the new house, so then I thought why don’t we stay over???  We’ve got 2 decorated rooms, a toilet and a sink – oh and we bought a microwave yesterday so we went for it!!  We took our old mattress and some bedding and our toothbrushes and away we went!  No idea why I suggested staying over really since I can’t drink so could drive us to and from where ever we went out….  Anyway I survived my camping but it wasn’t really fun….the mattress is SO LUMPY!!!!  I had forgotten why I kicked up such a fuss to get the new bed before we moved…now I remember!!!!!!  Also the ambulances…oh my God they are so noisy!  I’m hoping they are going to be like trains in that after a while I won’t notice them…I didn’t notice the trains at the new house so either there weren’t any or they are the same sort of noise at at our current house so were already blocked out for me!  But our new house has an ambulance and fire station around the corner…and I noticed those!!!!!!!!!

So yeah not really camping but not full home comforts either….   Aside from the bad bed and the ambulances it was a very funny night and I’m sure our new neighbours will be talking about how mad we are today!!!



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2 responses to “We’ve been camping!!!

  1. LOL I bet you won’t even hear it once your all moved in and in a comfy bed!

  2. SCM

    This is true. I have a railway at the back of me and most times don’t even notice it.

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