Full term!!

Today I am 37 weeks pregnant and so am classed as full term and so can officially have the baby at home!! Its definitely big enough so any time is good now!!!!!!!!  Richard said last night that the kitchen isn’t done so it can’t be born…God if he/she has to wait for that it’ll be well overdue, in fact so overdue it’ll be a hospital induction!  Maybe that’s Richards thinking????  Anyway I am well and truly ready…..  Well Richard did also point out we don’t have any names sorted…I have been thinking but I’m not sure I’ll ever come up with a suggestion for a boy so I need it to be born to force a decision if needed!  If it’s a girl we do have one contender but even that Richard isn’t 100% happy with….  So come on out poor nameless baby….


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4 responses to “Full term!!

  1. SCM

    Come on No3!
    You weren’t mpressed by my name suggestions then?

  2. I think too much about names!! I like Samuel but don’t think it goes with King…. Until recently I thought Gabriel was a girls name…d’oh and now can’t get it out of my head!! Albert and Alfred too old fashioned for me…
    Also your girls names are very similar to the one I think we have settled on, and one of the others is on my back up list.
    Can’t wait to see who is closest on the sweepstake front!!

  3. I think Austin is an awesome boys name. LOL or if you want to be completely american you can name him Cooper! I think you’re allowed to be a bit quirky w/ the last/3rd

  4. SCM

    I’d forgotten about your surname.
    I DO like Alfie and Gabriel – was going to call my son by those names.
    I like Lindy’s suggestion of Cooper.
    Euphemia (Effie for short)
    Mimi (Made In Manchester)
    Minnie (as in Driver)

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