Spiders and playing

Early this morning I was woken up by Noah screaming the place down….as this is very unlike him I ran in to discover him sat in his cot hysterical saying “spiders in my grobag”!!!!!!!!!  I told him there weren’t any spiders in his grobag and that it was still night time and so to go back to sleep…..  Cue more tears about 10 minutes later with same problem, so I took his grobag off and showed him no spiders….  Another 10 minutes and this time tears because there were spiders under the covers I had replaced the grobag with…..  Again I said there are no spiders!!!!!!!!!  All very strange really as he’s not even scared of spiders that I know of anyway…  Am guessing its his imagination running wild.

After school today we headed off to play with Abigail and Katie, it was so quiet in their soft play, there were only 2 or 3 other kids there!  They all had a good time but it seemed to be over far too quickly as we are used to spending all day there!!  Noah got yet another birthday present, a shapes book which he was very pleased with…


…and Caitlin did some posing for me which is not like her either, normally she doesn’t co-operate with photos!!


…and as usual I tried to get a picture of all of them together!!!  It is so hard, but worth it as we have a record of how much they’ve all changed!!


Just think in 10 weeks we’ll have another one to add into the group shots….



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2 responses to “Spiders and playing

  1. LOL w/ the little one picking her nose!! Maybe Es pass on her fear of EVERYTHING to him! The other day she was in hysterics because the bar of soap fell into the bath. OMG such a drama queen- sadly for her she has a mean mama and I just left it there until she calmed down- it was soap! Maybe Caitlin is getting to the stage where they actually LIKE having there photo taken! See you tomorrow!

  2. SCM

    Maybe they were invisible spiders?

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