Three quarters done!!

The baby is now three quarters cooked!!!   I’ve not really got much to report as its all fairly uneventful which is a good thing!  My bump is massive as everyone keeps kindly pointing out!  My friend Louise also keeps saying its going to be 11lb!!!!  What a lovely thought….

I’m fed up of being pregnant now though, I really don’t like being pregnant even though I have no problems, no-one seems to understand that but never mind…..  But only about 10 weeks to go although that sounds like ages if you ask me!  I don’t do bump pictures so no photos for any of these updates!!  I think I have resigned myself to the fact we won’t be moved in time for his/her arrival which is a shame but I suppose it’ll be nice for all three of them to have been born in the same place!  Over Easter I’m planning to take Caitlin and Noah shopping so they can buy the baby a present, not that we need anything but I think it’s a nice thing for them to do.  They both seem to like feeling it kick and ask to feel it quite often.

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