Pretty teeth…

This morning we went to the dentist and he said Caitlin had pretty teeth and Noah had handsome teeth!!  They both got a clean bill of health and just to come back in 6 months….  Caitlin was really happy to sit on the chair and was very impressed with her stickers, Noah refused to sit on the chair which is odd as normally anything Caitlin does he also wants to do!! He did sit on my knee though and was also impressed with his stickers…

This afternoon while Caitlin was at school we went out to play and Noah got more presents!! 


He got some cars and also a Thomas lego set.  Richard is very impressed with the lego as it is his favourite toy!!!!

It was quite funny E kept making Noah lie down and it looked like she was a magician about to saw him in half!!!!


She then said she was going to make him disappear and pushed him off the edge so he did disappear!!!  Noah seemed to enjoy it as he kept getting back on the block to lie down again!!

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  1. SCM

    The Thomas set looks almost as big as Noah.

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