Electricity and jobs!

We now have proper electricity!!!!!  And even a house alarm…to protect our rotten joists etc :-)!!  The electricians have finished off now apart from the kitchen appliances which can’t be done until we have a kitchen and also the lean too which we need our planning permission for.  There’s still no news on the tree front, its now been 5 weeks so surely we’ll hear soon….I got nowhere when I called last week.

Also it would seem Richard doesn’t have a new job!  Well he did obviously, but his current employer dangled a very attractive pay rise and improved way of working at him and he was persuaded to stay!  He’s giving it a chance and given his new contract was on his desk within 30 mins and his hefty pay rise backdated to the beginning of the month its looking promising.



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2 responses to “Electricity and jobs!

  1. SCM

    Blimey! Wish my employer would give me a payrise like that. Good for Richard!
    When does/did it feel like you are finally getting somewhere with the new house?

  2. WOW! Great for you guys- more money and better hours. I’m looking forward to my tour of the house.

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