Praise for Caitlin!

I went to collect Caitlin from school today and as usual it was hectic so I got her coat and headed off…  Her teacher ran out after me to tell me how good Caitlin’s writing was coming on!  Normally this teacher is a bit miserable and barely even says hello.  Today Caitlin has been free hand writing her name.  We have been over-writing at home for around a year and she’s pretty good at that now.  The teacher commented on how good her pencil grip and control was and how she was very pleased with her progress.  I think her pencil grip is good and has been since she was tiny, but she loves drawing and also reading so I never really thought anything of it….  Even her drawings are coming on well, she now does pretty detailed people and also adds loads of details to other things, even if sometimes you can’t tell what they are until she says…

Also Richard has managed to get a new job!!  He wasn’t actually looking for a new job, but an agency called him with an interview last week, and then he had a second interview today.  They’ve phoned him back and offered him the job!!  Its back on his old money and back to day shifts without the hassle of being expected to do loads of extra work for no extra cash and very little thanks!!!!!



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3 responses to “Praise for Caitlin!

  1. Yay- good for Caitling. She has to be the best, most well behaved child I have ever met- you’re a great mama!! Oh and sooooo pleased for Richard- I know he wasn’t all that happy so it’s good that something else came along. Is it in Manchester?

  2. SCM

    Sounds like a great day all round.

  3. julia

    Congrats to Richard. I bet Caitlin is really chuffed – it’s a big deal writing your own name for the first time.

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