A new bed!!

I have just bought Caitlin a new bed! I am so excited I would have loved one of these as a child!!  I’ve been researching them, as they are very practical for a small room which it will be in the new house, and the cheapest I have found them is £400 not including a mattress….and I have just won one on Ebay for £62!!!!!!!!  It’s this…..


How cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Underneath she can have a set of drawers and her dolls house…it’ll be great!  She already knows she has to let Noah slide too!!  The only downside of this is that its in Milton Keynes but hey at a saving of £340 its still worth it!

On the house front..today we’ve had the damp proof course completed and we’ve ordered our (cheap) joists and new floor boards!  So when Richard isn’t traipsing down to the other end of the country to get our bed he can do that!  I’ve been asked when I think it will seem like the house is coming together…it will definitely be once the floors are back down, as once that happens We can make a start on the decorating.  We have a few decorator helpers so once its safe to spend time there it should start really coming on.

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One response to “A new bed!!

  1. SCM

    I want that bed!! Looks great.
    Looking forward to seeing the flooring going down.

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