Work work work….

…work has now begun on the new house.  Richard has spent a few days there and the old bathroom is now out.  The polystyrene ceiling tiles are off and the ceiling is salvageable underneath.  In an ideal world we’d re-plaster but time is not on our side….  Richard has also taken the box off the fireplace in what will be our room and sure enough there is a nice fireplace behind it…


…so a nice little job for me and my “able” assistant Noah one afternoon next week while we’re waiting to go back and pick Caitlin up from school will be to wire brush and paint this.  Neither of us has any idea what you are supposed to do regarding carpet around the tiles as they are flush with the floorboards.  As its a bedroom we’re definitely having carpet but it seems such a shame to cover them up.

Other completed jobs include taking out some of the lead pipes and removing the old water tank from the bathroom.  Tomorrows job is to make a start on the trench to lay new water pipes in the front garden now we have permission….


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3 responses to “Work work work….

  1. ooh really cute fireplace. I wonder if there’s a way to leave the beautiful tiles showing!! What a shame to cover them up!

  2. Julia

    What a fantastic surprise! That fireplace ‘find’ has saved you a ton of time and repair costs too !

  3. SCM

    Fireplace looks jolly nice.

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