First day at (pre)school….

….and she loved it!!!  We set off in the snow with her new bag (a mini one of course)…


…and then stopped outside for a little photo moment!  I tried to get her on her own but Noah just kept running over to her so I gave up…


She was really excited about going, telling me how she was going to do painting with her friends.  Noah wasn’t so sure he just kept saying he wanted to go too and that he was a big boy!  He gave her goodbye kiss though and in she went…


There was a slight mix up when we got there that she wasn’t supposed to start until tomorrow but they said she could stay.  Then they commented that afternoon sessions didn’t start til 1, so I just looked confused and asked what time it was?  They replied oh 5 to 1… I was even more confused I assumed I was wildly off with my timing!!  Must remember to be more on time and less early tomorrow!!!!!!!

Richard picked her up and they said she’d had a great day and joined in really well.  The highlight of the day for her was snack time….  Anyone who has asked about her day has been told “I had a snack”.  Maybe its because we don’t call it snack time and she likes the sound of it?  Anyway she had grapes!  She also sang a song about the jungle and heard a story about a cloud!!  I also know she did indoor PE but that obviously didn’t impress her as she hasn’t mentioned it….

Noah missed Caitlin and kept running upstairs to look for her in her bed and also kept saying he could hear her crying??


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2 responses to “First day at (pre)school….

  1. OMG she looks like such a big girl. Too funny about Noah wanting to go too and so sad that he kept hearing her cry!! They’re soo close that I bet he misses her sooo much! Are we still on for Thursday?

  2. SCM

    Photos look good – but small. Is there a way of making them bigger?

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