Half way sweepstake!

Tomorrow number 3 will be half cooked!!  I only just realised that aside from one day (or a few more depending on when he/she is born) this pregnancy is split almost perfectly across 2008 and 2009!!!!  I now have a bump but still no real symptoms although I do keep getting a bit of back ache when I overdo it…like bowling last night…ooop’s!  I’ve had a bad back since we moved into our house and I carried the slate bed off our pool table with Richard!

I keep getting tempted to find out if its a boy or girl….  Practically it would be handy to know but I know so many people who have been told the wrong thing I’m not sure I would trust it enough to get rid of half of our baby stash!!  Plus I really really love the surprise element and although I am bursting to know I doubt we will find out.  I was bursting to know with both Caitlin and Noah and we didn’t find out. 

I love to guess boy/girl etc about babies so I thought I would do a little sweep stake on here…. I thought it would be nice to record everyones guesses with regard to baby number 3 and give a little prize to the person who guesses most correctly what number 3 will be like!  I thought I could award one point for each correct answer with the point for weight etc going to the person who guesses the nearest (or a point each if 2 people get it spot on!).  To help people who didn’t “know” me when I was pregnant with Caitlin and Noah I have given some information to help you with your guesses on each question!  The prize won’t be anything too exciting just a box of chocs etc for the winner…..    Since the answers are a while off I’ve created a new page at the top…so answers as a comment on there please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you can think of anything I have forgotten or missed out that is good to guess let me know…..

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