We were all supposed to be going to Kane’s Christening today but this morning Noah decided he was sick….  As is always the case in our house he chose me to throw up on!!  And also as usual I had to run away!  I can’t stand the smell it makes me be sick too!  So off I ran shouting for help and took all my clothes off since I was covered!!!!!!  He did later throw up on Richard but only a bit about as big as two 10p pieces..hardly comparable to needing to change all of my clothes!  So we left Noah at home with Richard.

Caitlin was fascinated by the vicar in church and was listening to him really intently but then kept asking questions such as… The vicar said you couldn’t touch faith, so Caitlin kept asking over and over again why she couldn’t touch??  Then she noticed someone was holding the other baby’s hat, so announced quite loudly..”she’s holding his hat, that’s very kind of her”…which amused the people next to us!  She also kept asking when we could go to the party…

So we went to the party where she got a party bag full of sweets.  She refused to eat the strawberry refresher bar because she said it looked like skin!??  Here she is looking very cute with Kane who slept for the entire party….



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  1. Caitlin looks so cute! Sorry about the sick.

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