Twelve weeks

I’ve not really got anything exciting to say but thought I should write a post about reaching 12 weeks.  The baby still doesn’t have a “name” by this point Caitlin was called Pickle or Kevin!  Kevin was her name given by Spam and Cath and quite a few people thought that was what we were calling her!  Noah was called Kev 2 or Pumpkin.  So we need a name for Number 3 other than “number 3” which we do say quite often…maybe that is its name??

So far as usual I haven’t had any symptoms and just like with Caitlin and Noah if I didn’t “know” I was pregnant it could easily pass me by…lots of people really don’t understand that as they were so sick to begin with.  So as I haven’t got any symptoms etc I haven’t really got anything to write about other than its lack of name and wondering if I should have a blog sweepstake on boy/girl, weight, looks etc!  I already have my guesses for when it will walk!  I am convinced it will walk at 10 months and 25 days!!!  As for boy/girl I have no idea and keep swaying as to which would be best….



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2 responses to “Twelve weeks

  1. Hey congratulations – I didn’t realise!

  2. SCM

    Call it Alfie – a great name!
    Keep safe

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