Comments – fantastic and the usual!!

Me, Caitlin and Noah go out for pub lunch almost every week and have done since Caitlin was a day old!!  They are usually very well behaved, we don’t let them run around annoying people, they don’t scream and shout and I always clear up any mess they make!  Today we were in a fairly posh pub in Alderley Edge which we go to quite often.  An old lady came over to me and said “Can I have a word?” I said yes, and she then said she had to come over to comment on my children and how well behaved they were!  She said she had been in the pub for about an hour and was very impressed at how good they were and what a good parent I was!  I was amazed…people are always really quick to come over an give you grief if they are having a bad day and so not being as good as they usually are, but people never come over to tell you good things!  It was really nice of her I know I think they are good but there is always the possibility I am biased!!!

I then went to tesco to do a bit of shopping where I got another old lady telling me they were good…she then also asked if they were twins!  This is something I get regular comments on..especially when I’m at tesco, I think they look especially similar in size when they are sat side by side.  I used to get asked this almost daily although it has stopped a bit since Caitlin grew a bit, but I still get asked AT LEAST once a week…..



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2 responses to “Comments – fantastic and the usual!!

  1. How sweet she took the time to come and tell you that, the world would be a better place if more people done that.

    I surprisingly don’t get the twin comment much , i think i have only ever had it a few times once when Eilidh was about a week or so old and Rebecca was almost 18 months – that has always confused me 🙂

    Congrats again on baby number three, it really is fun .

  2. I think of you as some sort of Zen mum! Always so cool and calm and your kids are soo well behaved. Whenever you do get a little frustrated I’m always surprised and a teeny bit happy. Makes you more normal!!

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