Party time!!!!!

Today was Austin’s birthday party.  He was sharing his party with 2 other boys from nursery at the same soft play Noah had his at when he was at nursery..the big blue slide soft play!!!  He really wasn’t that keen on the whole party thing….  Zoom has a crown and king’s cloak for the birthday boy (or girl) to wear…he put it on for a split second…


They also have a throne..again he wouldn’t sit on that either!  He did enjoy the playing part of the party though and went along with the cake bit even though he doesn’t like cake!!


They nearly didn’t open the big blue slide because Austin and his friends weren’t 5…once we realised that’s what they were doing we got them to open it and Caitlin and Noah had a great time going down it!  Just as the party ended Caitlin had to rush off as she was performing with her dance class in the park.  She just about got there on time and did her dances…


After the dances we stayed at the park…


It was the duck races in the park, which we’ve never been to before but it was really good…


…after we’d watched the ducks being released we had a wander around the stalls and then played swinging across the stream…



Caitlin and Noah met a cheerleader who was a bit older than them and really good at swinging across..she showed them what to do and even Caitlin swung right across and jumped off!!


Amazingly everyone stayed dry!!!!!!


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