Gymnastics trial

Caitlin and Noah both go to gymnastics at school and the instructor is setting up a new class in a proper gym with better equipment. He gave everyone a trial lesson for free so we went along today with one of their friends.
While they were setting up Austin joined in. There was only one other person in the class apart from Caitlin, Noah and their friend, so I didn’t realise when the class started properly. Austin was actually really really good! He was following absolutely everything that the teachers were telling them…in fact he was following it all better than any of the others! Once I realised the class had started I asked the teacher if Austin was ok joining in and he said yes. The class is for 5 to 8 year olds so I didn’t think he’d be allowed to actually join the class properly. At the end Austin was so enthusiastic and kept talking about how fantastic gymnastics was and how he loved it and it was the best thing he has ever done! It’s not like Austin to want to join in, so I asked if he could join! Adam said he could so long as he was keeping up with the rest of the class and on the understanding that he might have to stop if it gets too busy! We’ll see how he gets on!


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