Christmas Day

We actually woke up before the kids!!  I really thought this year that Noah would be up at an un-Godly hour with excitement but we had to wake him!  Austin came up to our room at about 7am but when we asked him he said Father Christmas hadn’t been!!!  He got in bed for a bit then we decided to go down and look!  Surprise, surprise there on his bed was a full stocking!!!  He then woke Caitlin and Noah up and they all opened their stockings.  We then went downstairs to see if he had left any other presents…….


Noah got his football studs that he had requested…..


…I love Noah’s excited face!!!!  Austin got a hotwheels track…..


Caitlin opened all of her presents really slowly and carefully….as usual!!  She got roller blades and books etc…..


Austin got a new hat which he looked very funny in….


Once they had finished opening their presents and eaten breakfast it was time to get dressed into their new clothes and go to Nanny’s for even more presents and Christmas dinner!


Noah got a ramp….cue excited face again!!


Caitlin was very excited because she got Lelli Kelly boots!!!!!!!!!  We had Christmas dinner with everyone…there were 18 of us this year and then there was more mad present opening!!!  Eventually we headed home at about 8pm!!!!






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