Fabric shopping

Alfie needs some curtains so since Noah was finally at school all day me and Austin went fabric shopping!  We’d picked out some very nice Harlequin fabric but at £33 a metre…and needing 5 metres for all of the windows, we decided that was a bit steep.  I found some fabric quite like the Harlequin one but at just £15 a metre…  I decided to try one last place and we found the £15 fabric at just £23 for 4.5 metres…so we got that.  It means we haven’t quite got enough for matching cushions etc…but at a saving of over £100 on the Harlequin fabric we settled on that. 

I also really liked this fabric…I think it would have looked great with the silver….

But that would have been an extra £50 so the purple and blue stripe it is!  Now I just need to get the curtains made before our first camping trip!! 

Richard is working away on taking the insides apart and rearranging the seats so we can have seat belts.  Fingers crossed Alfie is back together and has curtains in time!

On our way from the train station to school we were a bit early so I let Austin walk.  He ran ahead to this tractor and sat himself in the wheel!!  (All my years of begging them for this type of in wheel photo have finally sunk in!)


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