Birthday party!

After the upset of Noah’s birthday party I swore we weren’t having another party!!  But then I decided it was a bit mean not to let them have parties and so I started to organise Caitlin’s.  She had a joint party with a boy in her class so that we could keep the cost down, which meant she could invite the whole class again.  This time though we hired an entertainer, who would be running a circus workshop.  Before he arrived we had a quick game of pass the parcel…

The first thing he got out was some little pedal racers.  The birthday boy was the first to try them out and it was a disaster…he just kept falling off and did not look happy!!  A few others tried and fell off too, there were tears and I thought the whole party was going to be a disaster with everyone claiming on Zippy’s insurance!!!!!!!  Then Caitlin got a turn….she isn’t the most balanced of people so I assumed she had no chance and got ready for the tears!!!!

She was fantastic!!!!!!  She got it straight away and was actually very good at it…amazing really when I think what a drama it is to get her to try to ride her bike!  After the pedal racers he moved onto something a bit easier…juggling….

…they loved this.  They then got to try plate spinning…

….can’t remember what this one is called….

Noah tried the Diablo but he didn’t like that one…he couldn’t do it at all…and got really mad with it!  So he moved back to the juggling!!

Austin had a try at juggling too….

…and he was one of the brave few who had a go at the stilts!!

Once the entertainer’s time was up it was time for party food and cake!!!  Caitlin really wanted a pink princess cake so we popped the legs off her barbie…gave her a bath!!…and made the cake into her dress!!!!!!

There wasn’t quite enough icing so it was a bit lumpy, but she loved it!


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