Sports week

This week Caitlin and Noah have been to a multisports week.  I’ve never signed them up for one of these before because I kind of think since I don’t work it’s a bit lazy to send them, but then I decided to give it a try because everyone else seems to have such a good time.  I was torn between multisports and trampolining but went for multisports.  I had mistakenly called it sports camp so there was initial disappointment when they realised they weren’t camping!!!!!!!

Austin really missed them and spent the while time saying football as that’s where Noah had told him he was going!  Caitlin and Noah have had a great time.  They have had a try at all kinds of sports….basketball, tennis, gymnastics, football, hockey and loads of games.  Then half way through the week they got to go trampolining as well so they were really chuffed.

On the last day they all got a certificate so we went to watch them get that….

I think the highlight of the week for Caitlin was meeting a boy called Gabriel who apparently she is going to marry!!!!!!  But not to worry they’re not getting married until they are 18!!!!!!!!!!

The highlight for Noah was either football or finding some money on the floor and getting to use the vending machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The highlight for Austin is it is over and he get’s his 2 best friends back!!


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