Imprisoned in the garden/kitchen!

Sooo while Caitlin and Noah were busy at sports (non)camp…I decided to give potty training a try!  Deep down I knew Austin was ready…he regualrly wee’s on the potty and has done a few poo’s….but I was dreading it!  I had no idea how he was going to tell me he needed to go!!

So on Wednesday I explained to him I was taking his nappy off and he would have to use the potty or toilet…he said yes then no just like he often does!  I had no idea if he understood or not so we camped out in the garden and kitchen where any accidents could be cleaned up easily!  The first hour was good…he did loads of wee’s on the potty and got lots of sweets.  I’d decided to reward him with sweets because he really loves sweets and so I knew it would be a big incentive!  The  it all went wrong!  He had 3 or 4 accidents in a row!  It was obviously really hard on him because he then fell asleep standing up in the kitchen…so I put a pull up on him and put him to bed.  When he woke up the pull up was dry and he then lasted until 10pm (it was mini club night so we went out) with no accidents!!

Thursday we got up and he had one minor accident where he started to wee then realised, stopped and got to the potty….

Friday he had one accident, again where he was busy playing then started to wee but realised and got himself to the potty.

I’m amazed with his progress, I really thought I had misjudged the situation and he wasn’t ready, but it would seem he is!  He can say potty and seems to say that if he needs to go.  The proper test will be over the weekend where the distraction of Caitlin and Noah are there and I have other things to deal with…..fingers crossed!



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