The funny things they say….

I always mean to record the funny things they say but always forget…..

Over the weekend Noah has been saying when he grows up he is going to fit more exhausts to Elvis to make him faster than Jap Taxi (the cheek!!) but I’ll have to wait for him to be a grown up!!!

When ever we mention gardening we say how Nan is a good gardener (and used to do it professionally!)….again over the weekend Caitlin said “when Nan grows up is she going to be a gardener?”….errrm Nan already is a gardener…and she’s already grown up!

This morning Caitlin asked what happens to your car when you die!  So I told her that people could either sell it or if there was someone who really liked your car you could give it to them.  She then said she was going to have a pink mini when she grows up and when she dies she is going to give it to Cath!!  Noah then said he was going to give his car to his friend at school because he loves cars!!!!


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