London to Brighton

This weekend was the London to Brighton mini run.  Since we were down south we decided to call in and see Richards Grandma since she’s never met Austin.  Richard had called her on the Friday but she couldn’t hear him so we just had to hope she’d remember us and be ok with us visiting.  As soon as she spotted me she said “long time no see…the one with the car”…so she obviously remembered me!  She is now 93 and her memory isn’t as good as it was, she seemed really well though….doing brilliantly for her age!  She still lives alone in a normal bungalow and just has a home help call in, her hot meals delivered and has an alarm fob.

She loved Caitlin’s hair and said her mum would have loved it as hers was curly.  She let the kids play with her dominos which she thinks are about 100 years old!!!!

After we’d stayed just over an hour she seemed to be getting a bit tired so we set off for our B&B which we’d booked nearby.  Strangely the owner of the B&B had a mini!!  In the morning we headed off to Brighton for the mini show.

There were reportedly 3,500 minis on the run….

Austin seemed especially excited at seeing the minis and spent the first half an hour shouting mimi at every mini that passed!!!

Caitlin was on the look out for all of the pink ones and wanted her photo taken with them all….


…and was even more excited when she found a pink and a purple mini together!!!!!!

We even got to see some famous people….Ed China (from wheeler dealers) and Paddy Hopkirk (famous mini racer) who were driving a mini turned into a sofa around….

…it’s really cool, it has a pizza for a steering wheel!!

There was also a cool Spongebob squarepants mini…

and a not so cool….thing that claims to be a mini but is about twice the size…nothing mini about this mini!!

But a cool mini towing a tiny mini….

We thought they would all fall straight to sleep in the journey home but Austin managed to stay awake pretty much until 10pm when we got home!!!!!!!!!!


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