Sandbach Totally Transport

Today we went to the Sandbach Totally Transport festival and it was lovely and sunny which strangely it quite often is!We saw lots of trucks…..

…..and had a sit in some old farm trucks….

On the way to the park to eat our packed lunch we passed the police display and Noah got to test out the back of a police van!!!  He loved it….

…and Austin even found an Austin…..

…and Caitlin found the carnival princess that she met last year.  Amazingly the princess remembered her….Richard thinks this is because Caitlin is the only person who has ever been star struck enough to ask for a photo with her!!!!!!

After Sandbach we went around to a friend’s house to wish her a happy birthday!  Austin had a fantastic time washing their wendy house…..

…good job it was so sunny…although he did have to borrow some clothes to go home!

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