A reunion

Today Caitlin had a reunion!!!  I think it’s quite funny that at just age 5 she has a reunion to attend!  Last year her nursery class was full of lovely kids, but when they went to reception they were all split up into the surrounding school, with only 2 going to Caitlin’s school.  The parents have all kept in touch but the kids haven’t all met up since last year so I arranged a reunion!

We decided to meet in Lyme park and 12 of them turned up some with siblings so we had a pretty big group.  The weather was gorgeous and the kids just picked up where they left off…it was as if they were all still at school together.  We started off in the new play area which is great but Austin kept running off and wandering into bits that were way way too old for him.  After we’d played there for a while we walked up a hill were we had our picnic and then the kids all played on the side where there was loads of hidey holes and bits to climb on….

Austin had a great time at the top of the hill playing with one boy’s older sister…

..apparently she had a great time looking after him too.

We then went back to the lake where we had ice-creams and a paddle in the water…

…and a play with some old tree stumps…

…before it was time for home….with plans for another reunion during the summer.  I hope we stay in touch….this year at nursery the group isn’t as friendly…the only friendly ones really are those that were there last year as well.  I doubt there’ll be any reunion for Noah’s class.

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