Caitlin turns 5!!

FIVE!!  I can’t believe Caitlin is 5!!!!  It sounds so grown up!!  And she’s starting to look so grown up!!

Richard was working nights so was asleep during the day so we got out of the house and went to the park…..

…Caitlin insisted on wearing her new sparkly shoes!!!!!  Completely unsuitable but she enjoyed herself!!  They fed the ducks, watched the deer, climbed on fallen trees and fell off the fallen trees right into nettle patches!!!!!!

Yes that’s Noah’s arm!!!!!  He is always falling into or just deliberately sticking his arms into nettles!  Both arms were covered in stings and he was hysterical!!!  After our picnic we headed home where Daddy was awake and so we could do our presents!!!  Also on Caitlin’s list was a pair of Lelli Kelly’s!!!  (Yes more shoes!!!!) So we got her those, a doll and some bits and bobs.  Noah and Austin got her a walking, yapping dog (NOT REAL!!!!!)…it’s pink and a bit scary but Caitlin loves it!!

After our presents Caitlin had chosen to go to a local soft play.  They have a go-kart track which normally we say no to but today they had a go….

…and loved it….

After playing we went for some tea….

(that’s Sally the dog in the middle! She had to come for tea too!!)

…and then it was time for Richard to drop us off and go to work.

At 5 Caitlin is now so much more confident than she was a year ago!  She will talk to almost anyone and is really ready for school.  Ability wise she is doing really well but it’s really strange because she now seems behind all her friends who went to school last year, they have all learnt to read and write but she can’t because she’s not been taught yet.  She can copy any writing, can write a fair few words from memory, knows her alphabet and numbers, she can do simple adding and subtracting and can read a few words.  She draws amazing pictures that are really detailed.  She also still adores both of her brothers, and Noah is still her bestest friend who she’d chose to play with over anyone.  Her favourite colour is most definitely pink and her favourite food at the moment is fajitas…..


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2 responses to “Caitlin turns 5!!

  1. Mancais

    Belated Happy Birthday to Caitlin x

  2. Happy Birthday Caitlin!! I can’t believe she’s 5!! LOL Noah is such a numpty sometimes!! He did that the last time we went to Bruntwood park! Since that day Es is scared of the nettles- LOL so am I!!

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