I’ve been meaning to sign Caitlin and Noah up for some lessons for ages!  And finally I did it.

On Saturday Caitlin finally had her very first ballet lesson.  She was extremely excited and packed her new ballet bag with her ballet and tap shoes and off she went in her leotard!!!  I thought I’d have to stay there with her but all the parents get “thrown” out of the room and the door shut!  There were no windows or anything so I didn’t get to take any photos or watch her dance, but afterwards she told me all about it!  She loved it…she jumped and tapped and pointed!!

On Sunday Caitlin and Noah both started their swimming lessons.  They have a different teacher to the ones in the summer…..she is quite harsh and Noah really likes her, but Caitlin isn’t overly impressed!!  Lets hope it doesn’t put her off completely!

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  1. Sooo cute! Es’ ballet is like that. They all line up in the “waiting” room and then off they trot to class so I never get pics. She starts back on Saturday, which reminds me I need to make sure her ballet and tap shoes still fit!

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