The kitchen!

Britain’s Got Talent has finished so I can finally catch up on my blog!!

The house seems to have really slowed down I’m convinced it’ll never be finished!  The kitchen just needs little finishing bits like the boards under the cabinets, picture rail and skirting board and one alcove needs painting!  Elvis is broken and Richard has spent the last few weeks before and after holiday fixing him.  So incase the kitchen never gets finished and before we make a big mess of it here it is………

I am really pleased with how it has turned out.  Considering the units, sink, tap, shelving and spice rack/jars were under £1500, tiles £40, cooker £500 and the worktops £200 I think it looks pretty good.

Just the utility room, hallway and fireplace to go after the kitchen is complete…..Maybe by Christmas….ha in my dreams…….


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