First shoes

Austin is walking really well now, doing mostly walking and very little crawling so off we went to get him his first shoes!

We went with Nanny, Grandad and Amy so we met at their house first for some more presents!!!

For his birthday he got mainly money so we paid that into the bank ready to put some toward a new pram and car seat and some into his savings account.  Then after some dinner we went for his shoes….

He seemed a bit confused getting his feet measured and he was a 3.5G.  So half a size smaller than Noah!!  Once he had his new shoes on he had totally forgotten how to walk and just fell over!  With every pair of shoes you got £5 off some doodles so we got Noah some as well since he had just about grown out of his old shoes which he had had for over a year!!!!!!!!  Then it was a mad dash home as I was off out in the evening.


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