All registered….

Today we have been to register Austin….  So now he is all official and has a birth certificate…  Which means he can get a passport and a bank account…well definitely a passport – the bank account is proving a little more difficult!  Given we are in a “financial crisis” and banks are supposedly crying out for savers I wasn’t able to open an account for him today!  Apparently you can’t open an account in the branch – you have to do it on-line but then you have to go into the branch to take the birth certificate!!!!!!!!!  I can’t believe they make it so difficult for you to give them your money!!

Then after school we went for tea and a play at Ed and Lucy’s!  Caitlin and Noah had a great time running round in the sprinkler, Austin…well Austin just slept as usual!!  Although last night I think he smiled…and today Louise thought he smiled…so maybe he is learning to smile.  Hard to tell with things like that it’s only when you look back you get a better idea….



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2 responses to “All registered….

  1. So what is his official name?

  2. Kip Kong King of course lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nah Austin James

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