Planes and farms!!

Caitlin had a full day school trip which meant for once we weren’t tied to a 2.5 hour slot to do something.  I spent ages trying to decide what we should do….  Really it should have been something that we can’t do in 2.5 hours, which from our old tried and tested things we do would have been MOSI or Urbis….  Or something for me like shopping in town or just staying at home.  I was tempted to stay at home and make Austin’s building blocks which I never seem to get chance to work on but the weather was gorgeous and so I couldn’t waste it on that or a museum trip…..  So we took a picnic and went to the airport viewing park to watch the planes – we kind of can’t do that..well we could but it would be rushed.  Noah loved it…


Austin had a good time snoozing in the pram too!!  We then went to collect Caitlin after her school trip.  She’d been to the farm and had a great time feeding the lambs and stroking the aminals (as she says!!)  When we got home they all played out in the garden and I tried to get a few photo’s of Austin.  I don’t think I succeeded in getting one of the 3 of them but the one of him is ok…


Then it was time for mini club…..


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